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Turn off RESTORE logging in OpsCenter - how to?

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I wish to turn off logging of restores in OpsCenter is there a method to do this?  

Currently it appears that all reporting of restores of individual files is visible to the public.  This information I would prefer not to be public for security reasons.



Level 6
Employee Accredited Certified


OpsCenter does not have the ability to prevent data collection for restore jobs.

The data will be collected and available for reporting.

If you wish to prevent restore data from being part of scheduled reports, you should be able to add a filter and remove the Job Type != Restore

This option will only be availalbe on certain reports.

* You can also restrict a user's view,  and prevent them from viewing information on master server(s) they are assigned.

If you have any questions, please let us know.


Level 6


Reports are relativley simple to exclude data from.   What we do is allow users have "Reporter" access to save them pestering us with requests and the like.   Once they are logged on  with "Reporter" access they view all jobs types