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Help creating week at a glance report

Morning, I am after a bit of advice\help creating a report similar to a "week at a glance" in Opscenter Analytics.  Set up as follows: Opscenter server running on Windows 2008 R2 Standard. Monitoring 3 environments on versions:

Using created views in code SQL

Hello again, I need  information, is there any way in the code below  to include  views  instead of using the following  lines?   AND A.policyName  LIKE 'XXX%'  OR  A.policyName  LIKE 'YYY%'    Thanks a lot. Regards   -----------------------...

OpsCenter Recover Report

I am trying to find the OpsCenter equivalent to the Netbackup 7.6.x Recoevery Report. The issues is I need a Recovery Report from Oct. 2015. My Netbackup > Reports > Vault Reports > Recovery  only goes back  ~30 days.  I have looked through the OpsC...

josho by Level 2
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Hello, I am using this code:  ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- SELECT DISTINCT  A.clientName as 'Client Name', A.policyName as 'Policy Name',  LIST( DISTINCT A.statuscode) as 'Status Code',  ( selec...

Opscenter Report for non-dedupe size

I need to generate a tabular report which provide me non-dedupe size (for backup and replicated images in two separate columns) per policy and client combination , As i have multiple master server on my opscenter server i need this report for only se...

Stale information from query

Updated a bunch of clients to NetBackup 7.7.2 and then ran this query to see which might have been missed.  It's showing most of the updated clients as older version.  Also lists some clients which were decommissioned years ago. Is there a way to ref...

Resolved! Ops Center 7.7.2 - JOB Collection not functioning

I have recently upgraded a small Netbackup environment from 7506 to 772, and following upgrade the JOB element of the data collection into Ops Center is not functioning. I firstly upgraded Ops Center to 772, followed by the Master Server.  Both are ...

SYMAJ by Level 6
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Opscenter error out on Internt Explorer 10

We have installed NetBackup 7.7.1, and Opscenter is configured in Win 2008 R2 server, with IE 10 After logining to opscenter when click on setting its error out as   "You may be using an external link or a bookmarked URL to access this OpsCenter pa...

vdpatel by Level 3
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Looking for a script on NDMP jobs

Good Morning and Happy Friday to Everyone,   I am looking for a script that will show me the following:   All NDMP Jobs with the following criteria: NBU Server Policy Name Client Name NDMP Volumes Job State   Thank you, HealthNBUAdmin

Jobs running for more than 16 hrs

Good Morning All, I am looking for two custom SQL Query's for OpsCenter 7.6 that will output all backup jobs that have been running for more than 16 hrs.  This would cover all jobs in the privious 24 hrs.  First query would be for all non-NDMP serve...

code 16953 in column " Days since last successful backup" .

Hi, I need help to solve this issue. Using  the following code I  get an error  (always  the same number  : 16953 ) in value returns in column " Days since last successful backup" . Could anybody help me? Thanks. Regards. SELECT DISTINCT A.cli...

Can't connect to Master Server...

I'm hoping this is something simple that I've overlooked... Installed OpsCenter for a customer, 7.7.2 on a Win 2012 R2 VM on a VMWare host, and I'm trying to connect to a Master running NBU 7.7.2 also on Win 2012 R2, in the same VMware environment. ...

Create special report

Hi  I have a task where I must document baseline for various hardware/software levels. So my question is... Is there a report that can show the firmware level for connected 52xx appliances? (not only masters but also media)   Regards Kaspar

Ops Center Analytics Report

Hello Experts, We have opscenter Analytics and need a custom report that should include Active Policy details with the below column . Its not possible in the template so May I have SQL queury for the below. The purpose here is to get as much as de...

Opscenter: Report to retrive old policy configuration

Hi,   is it possible to pull out old policies information(Policy type, storage unit(what i need)) just to make comparison between the current configuration with the old configuration? i tried using the policy comparison function on the opscenter b...

Aris56 by Level 4
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[DTD] How to delete objects through view_exportimport.bat

I'm beginner in OpsCenter and try to do some things with veiw_exportimport.bat . At the end of my test i have more then 15 unnecessary objects in ObsCenter, like this : <object id="o12" name="name.test" action="declare" type="GENERIC" dbic="226" />...

gvart by Level 3
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