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Resolved! Migrating from 32 to 64 bits - Need help to migrate opscenter.

Hi guys. I am currently running Opscenter under windows 2003 sp2 standard edition, wich if course it´s 32 bits, and now facing the migration to 7.6, I am rebuilding some servers, and this one is among them. As far as I understand, the corre...

nbudeployutil -capacity as a SQL statement

Hi, I am looking to extract the nbudeployutil -capacity as a sql statement so this can be tracked automatically by an external application.   The key data is the Calculated Capacity Totals by Master Server and Capacity by Policy type.   Can it b...

Resolved! Ops Centre Analytics Disk Pool SQL Report

First time caller, long time listener. I am after a SQL Query in OPS Centre Analytics to produce the below information on Disk Pools in my NetBackup environment. I am not an SQL person (clearly), and I don't think a report like this should be too h...

Woo by Level 3
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Upgrade of Ops Center Analytics from v7.5.0.7 to v7.6.x.x

Hello All,   We are planning to upgrade our ops center analytics from v7.5.0.7 to v7.6.x.x.   Please suggest to which latest version we need to upgrade ops center too.   Also please provided some steps that we need to follow.

nbu123 by Level 5
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How to know scratch count in library currently

Hello Experts, Is there any way we can know the scratch count currently only in library. I dont want the count that is in offsite (or not in library).  is it possible from Opscenter free tool (Not analytics). Thanks, Suresh.

Custom report to list failed databases

Hi, Currently I have a report which goes out early in the morning to the DBAs with the job exit status for a few clients. The problem is that the report only has the "exit status" e.g. partially successful (1) and it does not give any more details a...

X2 by Moderator
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Improving OpsCenter Master reconnection ?

Looking for ways to improve OpsCenter reconnection to Master servers, it often takes long from a Master Server is pingable from the OpsCenter server to the Master has status Connected in OpsCenter. Have increased the database cache and number of CPU...

Ops Center Report

Dear All, I have Netbackup Ops Center. I am trying to include "backup selection path " column in (success / Failure) backup report. Is it possible to include this? and where this option. Regards, Atharava13

scratch tape alert ?

Has somebody managed to create a scratch tape alert ? Know there is a low available media alert,  but that does not quite cover our need of knowning when the number scratch tapes is low in robot(s) especially since you cannot drill down from the mas...

Resolved! Need to get list of multiple clients versions

Team - can any one help with a either script or in opscenter faster way to generate 400+ clients versions. I got this link  but hoping for a more strealined/tabular report My opscenter is a...

Dollypee by Moderator
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Resolved! OpsCenter State deleted or unknown

We have a few entries in OpsCenter "All Jobs" where the State is "deleted" or "unknown".  They cannot be found in the NetBackup Master so they must stored somewhere in OpsCenter database.  They are quite old & no longer needed.  How to remove these e...

Resolved! Firefox ver 39 is incompatible with OpsCenter - weak key reported

This morning I let Firefox update itself to version 39 and now it refuses to connect to OpsCenter due to weak ciphers.  Here's the error: An error occurred during a connection to <servernameeditedout>. SSL received a weak ephemeral Diffie-H...

D_Flood by Level 6
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total data backup in a month

Hii ,  my requirement is provide total data back up in month since Jan to June 2015. I do opscenter analytics. please guide me how to get this report.  

rookie11 by Moderator
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Host mismatch between Netbackup and OpsCenter

Hi,   We missing clients that is expected to be in OpsCenter (there is active backup images) We see clients still in OpsCenter (there is no active backupimages) Is there anyway to "Force" client update / client cleanup in the database? Some clie...

JNO_123 by Level 4
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Analyitcs report - tracking AIR replications and imports?

Hi all,   We recently set up AIR between two sites and it's working great.  While it is running daily and I am trying to find a way to meet the requirements that we have for tracking and alerting on this process, mainly:   Elapsed time between en...