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Backup Exec 15 Fully Supports vSphere 6 today. Don't Wait to Upgrade!

Level 3

Be sure to tell your customers that they can upgrade to vSphere 6 today . . . . no need to wait! Backup Exec 15 is generally available now with first-to-market, FULL support for vSphere 6 for small to mid-sized businesses. Now is the time to get the word out to your customers. Encourage them to download Backup Exec 15 trialware and enjoy the benefits of vSphere 6 protection today.

This product has only been available a few short days, but we're already starting to see the great feedback roll in:

“Using Backup Exec 15 means that I sleep well, because our physical and virtual environment is fully protected. I’d choose it over any other backup and recovery solution any day.”

  • Caroline Kiel, CEO of PingUs Solutions

Make sure your customer's don't miss out on this powerful, flexible and easy-to-use solution! And if you have a Twitter handle, here are a few suggested Tweets you can use to help spread the word:

  • Want to protect vSphere® 6 today? Download Backup Exec™ 15 trialware, fully-functioning and free for 60-days!
  • Backup your vSphere® 6 VMs free for 60 days. Download Backup Exec™ 15 today!