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Following an initial run of partner webinars, led by our solution experts in EMEA, many of you have asked for links to the recordings. So here they are: 

We hope you enjoy these Veritas videos & links (currently available via box while we build a new home for them).  Please visit our Expert Community and click the big green button to join* and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have in the forum below to help you: 

1: Learn: Watch the videos back and practice your delivery with the slides
2: Teach: Deliver the deck to your teams, customers and prospects and get answers to their questions in the private forum
3: Lead: Lead opportunities to solve bigger customer problems and grow your business in partnership with Veritas

We will continue to update the link with the latest recordings from our webinars.  To join our webinars & learn live with us please visit our enablement events calendar where you can register for over 20 events in July with many more listed for the rest of the year at:

*Expert Community Membership is reserved for Veritas employees and current or future Expert partners with at least one SSE+ or STS accredition in an Information Management related competency.  If you are new to Information Management please visit our Training pages on PartnerNet, complete an SSE+ course & pass the SSE+ exam and we will welcome you in to the community with open arms.

We look forward to helping you innovate, experiment & accelerate in the expert community to solve bigger customer problems & grow your business in partnership with Veritas (aka Symantec until October). 

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