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Symantec are Leading the Growth in Purpose-Built Backup Appliances

IDC released the Q4 2014 PBBA press release yesterday, Worldwide Purpose-Built Backup Appliance (PBBA) Market Revenue Breaks the $1 Billion Mark in the Fou...

Key highlights: 

  • Symantec grew 23.1% (4Q14/4Q13).  Compared to EMC of -1.3%.  Yes, that is a negative 1.3%!
  • Symantec grew 16.2% (2014/2013 total revenue).  Compared to EMC 3.6%.  We outgrew EMC 4.5 times!  

Some talking points:

1. Use the report and numbers to validate our success & momentum in the market:

  • TALKING POINT:  Symantec were the fastest growing backup appliance vendor. 
  • TALKING POINT:  More people are choosing Integrated Appliances.  Integrated Systems are the fastest growing segment.
  • TALKING POINT:  More people are choosing Symantec.  Symantec is the fastest growing backup appliance vendor. 

2. Know that:

  • Most customers don’t know what PBBA means and IDC reports highest level details (target vs. integrated and open systems vs.  mainframe).
  • TALKING POINT:  Ask customers whether they have any type of backup appliance and how they view it – then tell our story.

3. Fastest growing segment in PBBA is “Integrated Systems” – and Symantec are the fastest growing vendor in this segment

  • TALKING POINT:  PBBA is evolving from “target dedupe” to “integrated system”
  • TALKING POINT:  Tell the Symantec integrated appliance story

Arjan van Proosdij