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Veritas Enablement Webinars Feb

Level 4
Employee Accredited

Registration now open for five enablement webinars in February 

Veritas Talks Campaigns 2.jpg

1: Veritas Talks Campaigns – 10th Feb 14:00 GMT
Start conversations that solve bigger customer data challenges and grow your information management business in partnership with Veritas. 

In just 20 mins Veritas Talks Campaigns will help you:

EXPLORE your opportunity to engage your target market:
Campaign Drivers, Objectives & Partner Journey

ENABLE your capability to solve bigger customer data challenges:
Partner Success Guides, GRID, Sales Playbook & Veritas Talks

EMPOWER your performance and grow your business:
Campaigns, Conversations & Social Media*

Attend the webinar and complete the survey to get early access to the video replay, deck and Q&A forum to help you engage, enable and grow your information management business in partnership with Veritas.

2: VSA: Return on Information & Data Insight 5.1 - 10th Feb 16:00 GMT
This Veritas Sales Academy double feature includes:

‘Return on Information’ - Campaign  
How to position Veritas’ integrated Information Governance solutions for specific use-cases, including: predicting for risk, retaining for value, and organizing for investigations.   
DO: Grow share of wallet at existing accounts by delivering a compelling portfolio-level value proposition. 

Data Insight 5.1 – New Launch
How to position Data Insight for high risk and high value opportunities with compliance, privacy and security buyers.
DO: Accelerate Data Insight pipeline by accessing new budgets and compelling events outside of IT storage groups.

3: VTA: BCS Success Stories - 10th Feb 16:00 GMT
Join us as Patti Rodgers – BCE provides success stories on how the BCS team can help out your Information Intelligence customers.

4: VTA IA: InfoScale part 2- 11th Feb 16:00 GMT
This session is a continuation from January where some of the least talked about features of the InfoScale product were explained.  These features make InfoScale very attractive to your customers and are seldom discussed.  Doug Snyder – Senior Technical Product Manager will once again be the presenter and explain more features, why you should talk about them and how they are different from what customers get with native tools.

5: VTA B&R: Copilot for Oracle - 12th Feb 16:00 GMT
Join Paul Rockwell as he goes deeper into the Copilot product. This session focuses on the Oracle piece and how Copilot looks to the DBA and Backup Admin

Review the complete schedule and register online at:

Log-in to PartnerNet and visit our Training pages to access a growing library of Veritas eLearning content and webinar replays.

We look forward to meeting you online and helping you engage, enable & grow your information management business in partnership with Veritas.

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