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VMware Protection using NetBackup Appliances: A Technical Deep Dive

Level 6
Employee Accredited Certified

Note: Please click here for a recent and updated version of this webcast

As more and more of your business critical applications get virtualized, your data protection solution needs to step up to the plate. You are likely to have a hybrid environment and your data protection solution should have the visibility into what is inside both virtual and physical systems. Processor intensive blind deduplication of VMDK files will not scale as your environment grows. Above all, the solution also needs to protect vCenter server, the backbone of vMotion, DRS, HA and more.

We provided a technical deep dive on NetBackup for VMware and how this award winning data protection solution can be quickly deployed for protecting everything in your data center in a matter of minutes. Powered by V-Ray and Intelligent Deduplication, NetBackup appliances are the building blocks for protecting data centers and remote offices of any size.

We talked about best practice implementation architectures as well as tips and tricks to get up and running quickly by leveraging NetBackup appliances. This solution provides an extremely efficient way to protect vSphere environments by shortening backup time, reducing network bandwidth and decreasing resource utilization across ESX hosts. And the turnkey nature of the appliance helps to reduce the operational overhead on IT teams by simplifying testing efforts, deployment tasks and technical support.

The session was recorded and it is available for you to view at your convenience. <This link is no more valid, please see above an updated version> 

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George Winter, Technical Product Manager

Abdul Rasheed, Technical Marketing Manager