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Replacing replication exec RMS Server

Hi all,

We are in the process of replacing the RMS server . we have build a new RMS server with a new rms neiborhood.
I will just need  to hack the registry to get all the other 40 RSA to see trhe new RMS server.  My question is how to i get the jobs accroos .. do i have to create a new job for all 40 servers or can i tranfer the jobs from the old RMS to the new RMS ......
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Move RMS server to new hardware


If you wish to move the RMS functionality to another server, I would advise that you look at the following Technote. This explains how to backup the original database and reinstate that on the new server, retaining the job configuration;

This also explains how to redefine new RMS server to teh remote RSA servers.


I hope this helps and apologies for the delayed response.




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