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Replicating CFS volumes

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I have a two nodes VCS cluster on the Production and the same configuration on the DR site. I have six disk groups, each disk group contain one or two volumes mounted as CFS on both cluster nodes. I need to replicate all volumes from Prod to DR using Veritas Volume Replicator. What is the best way to replicate thoses volumes?

PS: There is no communication between the VCS on prod and DR execpt for the IPs that will be used for replciation.


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When you say there is no communication between VCS clusters, are implying there is no GCO configured? How do you orchestrate failover to DR and how would you ensure that a correct site will take over the Primary role in VVR configuration?

That aside, the configuration looks straightforward, you configure VVR on both sides, make sure it's working outside of VCS control and then configure resources for VVR in VCS. The latter is covered in great details in standard documents, the  Disaster Recovery Implementation Guide will likely benefit you most.