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Selective data volume sync on CFS

Formed 4nodes CFS (Cluster File System) on Primary site and plan for volume synchronization with others THREE deployed CFS by selective Is it possible? 

What's bandwidth size/type are required?

Can I selective volume sync? or must FULL vol.?

anyways, please advise what's the best way to do the replcate on CFS. thank you!



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Re: Selective data volume sync on CFS


You can select volume(s) you wish to sync up by running the command below

#vradmin =g <dg_name> syncvol <vol_list>

where <vol_list> is " a comma-separated list of volume names or volume set names. "

Please ref to the vradmin man page for the command syntax details

To sync CFS vols, you can run vradmin syncvol command on CFS primary

To find out which node is the CFS primary, run the command below

#fsclustadm -v showprimay </cfs_mount_point>

Please note that the each CFS vols may have different node as cfs primary.

For VVR data replication network bandwith, please ref to this technote

Thhe best way to do CFS replcation is to issue the sybcvol command on CFS primary when the system/network loads are not high




Re: Selective data volume sync on CFS


Are you OK with the info emailed?  If you are, please close up this ticket; if need further assistance, please post the outrstranding issue details.