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VVR locking up windows 2003 after update to SP2

Dear Guru'sThe condition occured after I update windows to SP2 and the database oracle 9i cannot use and all the connection query or anything in the oracle will freeze.Also the drive could not recognized by the system, seems locked up.I do not know t...

resync_paused and cannot resync, replay dcm

Hi,Need some help on resync - replaying dcm.On our vvr pair, the primary is already in dcm logging since there was an extended network outage. However, after the network issues have been resolved, the primary cannot resync with the secondary.Rvg: vol...

Slow VVR Performance

We have a 3 node Exchange cluster with GCO option enable. RDS Replication seem not to be using maximum bandwidth. I looked at the perfmon counter VVR Remote Hosts (Data Transmitted), and am currently getting 1300 Kbytes/sec (1.3MBps) on a DS3 (5.6 ...

Reopening Thread - (VVR with Sun Cluster)

Dear Forum Techies,Requirement Info :I'm planning to implement VVR as a replication solution for an application which is currently running on Two node SUN Cluster 3.1 with HA Oracle Service. Oracle Database is on EMC storage and the cluster is in Act...

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Force Replica to Primary

In the event of the unfortunate collision of circumstances where the replica's SRL overflows into the DCM and the primary site dies, is there a way to forcibly promote the replica to be the DR primary? If so, what are the procedures.Once done, is a f...

SRL ideal size

Hi,Just want to know what is the ideal size for SRL log if I will be using asynchronous mode.Thanks in advance.

Reboot primary server

Hi,I just want to know if I still need to do something with VVR before I reboot the primary server.Thanks and appreciate any response.

Resize volume under RDS

Hi,Just want to know what to do after I resize data volume under RDS. Do I need to resync the RVG or it will automatically synchronize the new added space?Thanks and appreciate any help.

Veritas volume Replicator

Hi,I am new with Veritas and having confusion about choosing the product.I have a confusion with Volume Replicator and Storage foundation 4.3 for Windows. Is volume replicator itself a replication solution or it's just a replication component for Sto...

proof of no-loss sync scenario

I'm trying to setup VVR in a fully sync (no override) configuration with another site (in this case with Oracle 10g installed on Windows 2003).If I create a script that is continuously updating a table which along with oracle control files and logs e...

Replication of Oracle 10g on VVR

Windows 2003, VVR 4.2I want to replicate a primary site's Oracle DB to another for startup if the primary site fails. Therefore I'm thinking of two hosts running VVR and both have had Oracle 10g installed but only one is active and having the relevan...

question about mounting a failed volume...

Hello everyone, First, thank you for much for any suggestions and comments. Here is the situation. I have 2 workstations with VVR 4.1 and Solaris 9 on both of them. The Replicated Volume Group is setup just fine, as a synchronous RVG. Everything l...

Replicator Exec & Windows Server 2003 locking up

Hi.Not sure if I even know the cause of the problem yet but wanted to find out if anyone else has experienced the same. Basically, since installing Replicator Exec 3.1 in our Server 2003 environment I am getting server lock ups. Not using RE to do an...

Disaster recovery

HI TherePlease help me am new to this veritas netbackup.we have oracle apps installed on linux and have configured rman backup with netbackup 5.1 then onto tape it resides on SAN.I have few tapes that have backup of the rman backups only .I would be ...

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Volume Replicator

I know some replication apps require that you have primary keys on your Oracle tables when replicating a database. does anyone know if Volume Replicator requires the same when replicating an Oracle database?

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