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Resolved! What data sets to replicate in VVR for DB2 database

Hi, Current Environment - I have a customer who has DB2 database deployed on Intel based HP servers.  The Production & DR locations are WAN apart in two different cities.  there are 5 applications which have their individual databases on DB2.  VCS is...

Resolved! Sync Replication Queries

Hi, I have installed VVR for synchronus replication. I am replicating SQL data from primary to secondary site (no sql agent installed). I have tested the replication by doing some changes in SQL database and migrating the primary/secondary role and c...

VVR support ON AIX 6.1

Hi, I am planning to implement Veritas Volume Replication from DC to DR on IBM AIX 6.1. Curently I am having VCS_SF5.1 including VxVm. As per IBM they are saying implementing VVR on AIX 6.1 will slow down server performance.   Appreciate if any one c...

Resolved! THe use of VVR on SAN or virtual NAS hardware ?

Hi All, I am now using Virtual NAS OpenFiler on my old 2U rack server and also EMC CX4-120 SAN so I wonder what would be the advantage of using this Symantec Technology ? EMC MirrorView license is very expensive and I wonder if VVR can also work on V...

Resolved! Secondary Node get Panic

Hi All, We are using VVR 5.1 SP2 on Windows2008 R2 for two node replication of file server data. Intially we had set "UDP" protocol for replication but found that replication was too slow on 45 Mbps WAN link we also tried changing packet size but all...

vinods by Level 5
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VVR cross platform replication

The VVR 5.1 admin guide, in the "Cross-platform Data Sharing in VVR" section says:   Refer to the Veritas Storage Foundation Cross-Platform Data Sharing Administrator’s Guide for more information.   I have looked on SORT and I can only find a 5.0 ver...

mikebounds by Level 6
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Opening a Technical Support Case

Can't find a solution to your issue on the forums? Here's a post with everything you'll need to know to open a Technical Support case:

Kimberley by Level 6
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Resolved! VVR upgrade

Hello,  We are using VVR version, what is the next upgrade version available and please do let me know the upgrade process and suggestion

MuthuM by Level 3
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Resolved! VVR across two Nodes in a different Time Zone

Hi Team, We intend to implement VCS / VVR to provide a disaster recovery solution for our production Oracle 10G database based on a AIX 5.3 Host in Sweden. The database volume(s) will be replicated to a AIX 5.3 Host based in the UK which holds an ex...

Resolved! Veritas Volume Replicator

Dear Team, i have some task to use SNDR or VERITAS Volume Replicator, i picked VERITAS Volume Replicator for remote mirroring. before using and deploying this on production site. i want to use it on the test environment. i am downloading it. my ...

Resolved! How to change Rlink

sfha/DR version = 5.0 Platform = linux 5.3 I have successfully configured vcs and replication. i added replication with a source IP and Destination IP = i want to change the Source and Destination IP and 1...

Zahid_Haseeb by Moderator
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How to change the ip for the servers

Hello, I have configured Sf with VVr to replicate exchange server. I moved the server from DR site to main site and change the ip accordingly. After Syncronization, I moved the server to DR site and want to change the ip again for secondary server. ...

Ryan_H_ by Level 4
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Resolved! Questions on VVR configuration.

Hi All I am new in VVR, but I would like to check with you on below configuration which is done by my vendor 1 year ago. From the, I found that there is a RouteOotions under the definition on IPMultiNICB, and this routing looks like "Rout...

RBK001 by Level 2
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Hi Guys, I am trying to configure Replication on two single node clusters which are geographically seperated but I am failed to do so. As per the installation document, I should have an Application service group and replciation service group inorder...

Resolved! Volume replicator is not starting

Hi, Could you please guide me how to start Veritas Volume Replicator # vradmin -l printrvg VxVM VVR vradmin ERROR V-5-52-12 vradmind server not running on this system # /etc/init.d/ start # vradmin -l printrvg VxVM VVR vradmin ERROR...