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Can Internal Volume name be changed?

VSFW 4.3 MP2 / Windows 2003 Sp2

I need to change the Internal Volume Name / Device Path of a volume from Volume1 to something more meaningful. Unfortunately, the name wasn't set before user data was placed on that volume so I cannot delete the volume.

Can I change the internal name and, if so, how?

Various forums suggest using "vxedit rename <oldname> <newname>" but that command doesn't seem to exist within VSFW

Others suggest expanding the disks node in the tree view, right clicking the desired disk node and selecting "Change Disk Internal Name" from the context menu but I can't seem to find this option at all.

Can this be done or is format / rename / restore the only option available to me?



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Re: Can Internal Volume name be changed?

Wow, i had to go look for the DeLorean but i made it back 2005.

Can I ask why you want to change the internal name? Its only used in VCS?

Do you perhaps want to change the File System label instead as that is what would be visible in Windows Explorer?

Re: Can Internal Volume name be changed?

We use VVR to replicate this volume to another server in a datacenter.

Unfortunately, someone created the volume wrongly and then put data on to it so it's quite a chore to deal with the paperwork to backup, format and restore. As such, a simple name change is preferable.

The problem is that this internal volume name now appears when expanding the Replication Network on the Secondary and then expanding the affected RDS and then RVG in VEA - all other RVGs (for all other servers) list the volume as DATA (the name I want it to say) so this sticks out like a sore thumb. As such, I've been asked to rectify this to make them all the same and just wanted to know if it is possible as I cannot find anywhere in the GUI to do this.

All the documentation I've seen says simply use vxedit rename <oldname> <newname> e.g. vxedit rename Volume1 DATA but this command doesn't seem to exist for the Windows version.


Re: Can Internal Volume name be changed?

I know its possible now, or alteast since 5.x but 4.x was really far behind the unix versions. So it might just not be possible. Have you found the reference in the actual 4.x admin guide, or just on the net in general?

Re: Can Internal Volume name be changed?

Thanks RiaanBadenhorst

I've checked in VSFW HA 5.1 and I can see it's possible there. Unfortunately, for various reasons, we are stuck on VSFW HA 4.3 MP2. Given it is in 5.1 I guess it's not in 4.3

I've seen the vxedit rename command here -

I guess, as you say, the Windows version of VSF 4.3 is really limited compared to the unix based versions so not all functionality is there.