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Cluster Resource will not failover

Hi there.  I just created two new cluster groups with Volume Manager Disk groups using volumes created with VSF for Windows.  This is running on a WIndows 2003 R2 64 bit SQL cluster.  When I try to move the groups from cluadmin, the failover doesn't work.  I get an event in the logs for each resource, ID 1069, Cluster resource "Volume Name" in Resource Group "Groupname" failed.  Any ideas what I may have done wrong?
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more on environment

Running SFW 5.0, backend storage is 2 X HP EVA 8100 SANs.

Cluster Resource will not failover

   Does the failover fail on all nodes in the cluster, or just the passive node(s)?

Prior to bringing the resource up in cluadmin, can you successfully import/deport the Disk Group on each cluster node using the Veritas Enterprise Administrator (VEA)?

If it is only failing on your passive nodes, can you go to the VMDg resource properties from cluadmin on that server and verify you receive no errors when opening the properties view, and also that you have a 'Parameters' tab listed which is where the Disk Group name should be specified (viea the drop-down box)?

You may also want to go into Add/Remove Programs > Veritas Storage Foundation for Windows (Server Components) > Change > Add/Remove Components and verify the MSCS option is installed.

If you do get an error, or the parameters tab is missing, please try running the following commands on that node:

regsvr32 /u vxresext.dll
regsvr32 vxresextd.ll
cluster /regext:vxresext.dll

You can find these in technote:

I hope this helps, if not, please provide further information and I'll see if I can assist.

- Robert