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Expand LUN

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I'm trying to expand a LUN size on my server. I've expanded it on storage (compellent) and linux can see the new size on "fdisk -l" but when I try to expand it on Veritas I receive the error message "Cannot remove last disk in disk group. Resizing this device can result in data loss. Use -f option to force resize".


-f option is to force resize, is it possible to resize it with no data loss?


Commands and outputs:

vxdisk list
compelnt0_0 auto:cdsdisk data01 oradg01 online thinrclm
compelnt0_1 auto:cdsdisk data02 oradg02 online thinrclm
sda auto:none - - online invalid


 vxdisk -g oradg02 resize compelnt0_1
VxVM vxdisk ERROR V-5-1-17027 Device compelnt0_1: resize failed: Cannot remove last disk in disk group. Resizing this device can result in data loss. Use -f option to force resize



Level 3

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If you are worried you can either add a disk temporary to the disk group or save its config elsewhere.

The reason behind the message is the following:

Vxdisk resize does more checks based on the new disk attribute values. If disk is share simple/nopriv disk then the resize is not supported. The disk is not the only disk in the diskgroup. If this is the only disk in the diskgroup, -f (force) option need to be specified with vxdisk resize command. VxVM moves the config copies in this disk to the other disk in the diskgroup just to save the config copy during the update operation. Should something go wrong during the resize we might still have a config copy on another disk. This is why VxVM checks if the disk is the last is the last disk in the diskgroup with a valid config copy. If so, it fails unless user explicitly mentions -f option. It also does more check with the on the subdisk and makes sure they fit in the new public region size. During the resize, VxVM quiescent the I/O, updates the private region (header and TOC), recreates the slices if required, temporarily disable subdisks so I/O errors doesn't occur. Perform format and platform specific changes including reinit. Update the DA record and resize is done.