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Issues configuring SAMBA using cfsshare

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Hello all,

I'm setting up a few Linux Veritas clusters that will provide HA storage to a java app, and present that data as an HA CIFS share.  The cluster is configured, the shared disks are working and stable, but I'm stumped on the Samba portion.

I have created a small shared volume (1G) to contain the metadata needed for the locking mechanisms in Samba as mentioned in the documentation.

I run this cfsshare config command to configure the service:

cfsshare config -p cifs -l /run -c /etc/samba/smb.conf -t /usr/sbin/ -m user infastg ctdb /locks

The command mounts the /locks on both nodes, and everything is groovy, but Samba/Netbios never start:

Dec 5 14:59:53 MN-INFASTG2 AgentFramework[10690]: VCS ERROR V-16-10031-10504 SambaServer:SambaServerResource:online:Samba executable (smbd) not in path.

Dec 5 15:01:33 MN-INFASTG2 AgentFramework[10689]: VCS ERROR V-16-10031-8019 NetBios:Samba_netbios:online:Samba executable (nmbd) not found, can not be executed.

The cfsshare command sits there for a while and offlines most of the resources after it can't start samba or netbois after a while.  I've tried to put all sorts of combinations in after the -t, but it doesn't really matter what I put it never seems to find the binaries.  I can put some non existent path in there such as /thiswontwork and it obviously won't work, but it doesn't complain either.

[root@MN-INFASTG1:/opt] # hastatus
attempting to connect....
attempting to connect....connected

group resource system message
--------------- -------------------- -------------------- --------------------
mn-infastg1 RUNNING
mn-infastg2 RUNNING
cvm mn-infastg1 ONLINE
cvm mn-infastg2 ONLINE
vxfen mn-infastg1 ONLINE
vxfen mn-infastg2 ONLINE
cfsnfssg mn-infastg1 *FAULTED* OFFLINE
cfsnfssg mn-infastg2 *FAULTED* OFFLINE
cfsnfssg_dummy mn-infastg1 OFFLINE
cfsnfssg_dummy mn-infastg2 OFFLINE
vxfsckd mn-infastg1 ONLINE
vxfsckd mn-infastg2 ONLINE
cvm_clus mn-infastg1 ONLINE
cvm_clus mn-infastg2 ONLINE
cvm_vxconfigd mn-infastg1 ONLINE
cvm_vxconfigd mn-infastg2 ONLINE
vxattachd mn-infastg1 ONLINE
vxattachd mn-infastg2 ONLINE
coordpoint mn-infastg1 ONLINE
coordpoint mn-infastg2 ONLINE
RES_phantom_vxfen mn-infastg1 ONLINE
RES_phantom_vxfen mn-infastg2 ONLINE
cvmvoldg1 mn-infastg1 OFFLINE
cvmvoldg1 mn-infastg2 OFFLINE
cfsnfs_locks mn-infastg1 OFFLINE
cfsnfs_locks mn-infastg2 OFFLINE
SambaServerResource mn-infastg1 *FAULTED*
SambaServerResource mn-infastg2 *FAULTED*
Samba_netbios mn-infastg1 *FAULTED*
Samba_netbios mn-infastg2 *FAULTED*
Samba_winbind mn-infastg1 OFFLINE
Samba_winbind mn-infastg2 OFFLINE

Googling for this error message is proving to be frustrating since I don't really know what to search for.  Is this a StorageFoundation issue, or a VCS issue?

We are doing a proof of concept type deal, so this is a temporary license.  I think we have a license purchase in the works, but at this point we are using the trial.

This is a two node setup, both running RedHat Enterprise Linux 7.2, both VM's, with shared disks being presented from our Hitachi SAN.

I apologize for my 100% unfamiliarity with Veritas nomenclature.

Any help would be appreciated.



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It seems that VCS cannot determine the path to SAMBA executables.

Extract from Bundled Agent Guide:

Before using the Samba agents
■ Verify that smbd and nmbd always run as daemons. Verify that they cannot be started using the meta-daemon inetd.
Verify that the smbd and nmbd daemons are in the path environment variable. The default path of the smbd and nmbd daemons is: /usr/sbin For more information on configuring these paths, refer to the description of the SambaTopDir attribute.
■ Verify that Samba is configured properly and that the Samba configuration file is identical on all cluster systems. The user can replicate the file or store it on a shared disk accessible from all cluster systems.
■ If configuring Samba as a WINS server or Domain Master, verify that the Samba lock directory is on the shared disk. This ensures that the WINS server database and Domain Master are created on the shared disk.



Thanks so much for the quick reply.

I have verified that inetd is not able to start either agent.

Samba is working properly, I can start it by hand and the shares I need are served out from that particular host.  For now we aren't doing AD authentication, so it is just using local users.

Here is the output of the cfsshare command:

[root@MN-INFASTG1:/var/lib/samba/private] # cfsshare config -p cifs -l /var/lib/samba/lock -t /usr/sbin -c /etc/samba/smb.conf -m user infastg ctdb /locks
  Mount Point is being added...
  /locks added to the cluster-configuration
  [/dev/vx/dsk/infastg/ctdb] mounted successfully at /locks on mn-infastg1
  [/dev/vx/dsk/infastg/ctdb] mounted successfully at /locks on mn-infastg2
  Warning: V-35-465: Resource [Samba_netbios] is not online on system [mn-infastg1].
  Warning: V-35-465: Resource [Samba_winbind] is not online on system [mn-infastg1].
  Warning: V-35-465: Resource [Samba_netbios] is not online on system [mn-infastg2].
  Warning: V-35-465: Resource [Samba_winbind] is not online on system [mn-infastg2].
  Error: V-35-482: cfsnfs configure operation failed for [cifs] protocol.
  Please carry out the CIFS configuration steps manually.

The resource isn't coming online because of the path issue.

Root users path variable:

[root@MN-INFASTG1:~] # echo $PATH

When samba is running it even shows it running from /usr/sbin:

[root@MN-INFASTG1:~] # ps aux | grep smb
root     11121  0.0  0.0 112648   964 pts/1    S+   09:32   0:00 grep --color=auto smb
root     23133  0.0  0.0 428372  5904 ?        Ss   08:57   0:01 /usr/sbin/smbd
root     23136  0.0  0.0 404408  2872 ?        S    08:57   0:00 /usr/sbin/smbd
root     23137  0.0  0.0 404868  3220 ?        S    08:57   0:00 /usr/sbin/smbd

Thanks again for the help!