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pb with Veritas Cluster Manager 5.1, java console

Hi all, I'm very new ti the VCS technology. While trying to connect to one node in my cluster to create service group name using VCM java console, I got the following error: "VCS Error V-16_10-106. Could not connect to a live system in the cluster, ...

abdely by Not applicable
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Resolved! Maximum number of sites

Hi all, I wonder wether there is a maximum supported number of sites to be used in the site awareness feature of VxVM... Does anybody know? I searched the admin guide, but found no information about this... Thanks and best regards, Christian

Chr__Rabanus by Level 2
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Resolved! VEA for linux

Hi, sorry for my poor english, but I have a question. Someone work, have installed,... the Veritas Enterprise Administrator on a workstation that it's not a Red Hat or Suse? I'm using a Mandriva 2009 one and I wolud like to connect to the VEA of a ...

akiro by Level 3
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vcs and dataguard

We are planning to setup dataguard on a 3 node VCS environment. Can someone tell me what are the issues one needs to face or careful about. Thanks in advance. Deepak

dgupta by Not applicable
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Performance between tar and vxrestore

Hi All, Recently we did try to migrate the data from a mount point /A with around 90G data to other mount point /B, and the result as the following: Use tar command: cd /A; tar cfpE - . | (cd /B; tar xfpE -), it completes around 1 hr Use vxdump an...

Xentar by Level 4
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powerpath with VxVM 5.0

Hi All, Our server is connecting to EMC CX4-120, with Sun Solaris 10. We installed SF 5.0 with MP3 and rp1, the disk is able to see in both OS and VxVM by issue format and vxdisk list. However, when we install EMC powerpath 5.2 SP2 after it, the po...

Xentar by Level 4
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Resolved! VEA configuartion steps using SAN

Hi all,              i have 2 solaris servers which are connected with storage array. When i launch VEA frmo server 1 and create disk group followed by volume creation it creates. SImiliarly when i do the same from secondary server, it also does the ...

Resolved! Device being used by VxVM

Hi I have SUN M5000 running Solaris 10  Generic_141414-01 ( Solaris 10 10/08 s10s_u6wos_07b SPARC)  Foundation suite and cluster  version :- 36  1346648  3a728 289   1  vxdmp (VxVM 5.0MP1-2007-01-22a: DMP Dr)  38 7c002000 33fd48 290   1  vxio (V...

sunguru by Level 4
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Resolved! unable to initialise the disk in cds format

Hello: Has anyone ever tried this and succeeded or found a work-around? Configuration: - Solaris 10 x86 (HW 06/06 patched) implemented inside VMWare Server 1.0.1 - Veritas Storage Foundation 4 Basic (latest) inside the same Virtual machine. - Provisi...

jasti by Not applicable
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Resolved! system crash out of vxsvc?

i've got an hp-ux 11.23 itanium npar that's crashing repeatedly with the following (as reported by crashinfo).  vea version is 3.2.532 (old i know).  my questions are -- this is coming from vea, yes?  and will going to 5.0 help?  or is this actually ...

Resolved! hitachi AMS2100

Hi everybody, maybe is not an issue, but I'd like to be sure of this... I have a solaris 9 system that has 2 kind of storage, 1 HITACHI USPV and 1 HITACHI AMS2100;in this system is installed Storage Foundation Suit 4.1 mp3 and if I do vxdisk list th...

thesime by Level 3
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Resolved! Failed root disk and can't get a replacement disk

I'm in a kind of ugly situation. I have a solaris server running solaris 9 and veritas volume manager 5.0. The root disk is mirrored. The server was rebooted last week and couldn't boot off the root disk. I was able to successfully boot off the mirro...

bahr by Level 2
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Resolved! CFS, NFS and locking oddities

Hi, I have a 2 node Solaris 10 cluster running SF5.0 MP3, with cluster mounted, cluster rw volumes (CFS). The volumes are exported via NFS to a mixture of Linux and Solaris (9/10) clients. Since converting the volumes to cluster mounts (previously we...