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Updating SFW 5.0 client components to RP1

Upgrading SFW 5.0 to RP1 on servers is easy.However, on machines where only the client components are installed the validation fails (as the server component is not installed). I thought this may be because there were no changes to the client compone...

VEA and Shadow password

Running veritas 5.0 and hpux 11.23 with shadow password enable VEA is not able to log in.Recommended patches for previous patches have been applied, using as reference the following document: Any he...

ocramas by Not applicable
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VxVM vxdisksetup ERROR V-5-2-43 on newly replaced disks.

Fresh HPUX install, now trying to configure VxVM: # vxdisk listDEVICE       TYPE            DISK         GROUP        STATUSc4t0d0       auto:hpdisk     rootdisk01   rootdg       onlinec4t1d0       auto:cdsdisk    -            -            onlinec4t2...

Mirroring root vol.

Hello,I have root disk of 18 gb and 4 other disks of 8 gb each. I want to mirror the root vol but don't have another disk of same geometry, is it possible to do so, if so please advice.Following is my vxprint, i have already encapsulated root disk bu...

Anu by Level 2
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Error installing Storage foundation basic, Please advice.

Hello everyone,I just downloaded storage foundation basic for Solaris sparc platform. Now after running the installer i get this error afetr 25% completion. Any help and suggesions are highly appreciated.Press [Return] to continue:    Checking for an...

Anu by Level 2
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vxdump problem in Solaris 10 + VxVM/VxFS 5.0 (+MP1)

Hi all,We are using Solaris 10 + 5.0MP1. While trying to dump to tape we have:bash-3.00# mt -f /dev/rmt/2 statusHP Ultrium LTO 3 tape drive:   sense key(0x0)= No Additional Sense   residual= 0   retries= 0   file no= 1   block no= 0bash-3.00# df -h /...

przemol by Level 4
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Resolved! Volume XYZ: Temporarily renumbered due to conflict

Dear all,does anybody know what does the message below mean?VxVM vxdg WARNING V-5-1-1328 Volume XYZ: Temporarily renumbered due to conflictI'm not able to find it in any documentation.It appears during import of some DGs previously created on server ...

mlukes by Level 3
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Quatum PX502 Robot Drivers

I've inherited a Quantum PX502 tape library with two drives.  The robot intermittently fails with backup exec11d.  Quantum support tells me that I need to use the Veritas drivers.  Where do I get these drivers.  I found the Veritas drivers for the ta...

Jay_Nowak by Not applicable
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Slow VVR performance in SRL mode

We have an Exchange cluster running 4.3 MP2 with Global Cluster option.  We also have a 100M circuit to our DR site.  When we replicate in DCM mode, we get about 89MBps tranfer rate, but with the replication becomes consistent and swiches to SRL mode...