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vxdmpadm incorrect reporting

Did anyone notice vxdmpadm reporting incorrectly with VXVM 4.0 MP2.I disabled one of the paths to the array by manually pulling the cable. vxdmpadm did not pick up the error and reports enabled. However vxdisk commands report correctly. Any though...

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Checking deported disk groups without an import

Hi,For checking purposes in a clustered environment, I would like to see whether a diskgroup is healthy when it is in a deported state. This in order to be safe in case of a failover.The test should occur without onlining or importing the disk group....

"Foreign" disks inside disk group

A question for you, gurus:- Why some disks (say 7 among 14) can have a status "Foreign" while inside a disk group ?The others are "Imported".Versions: Solaris sparc 9, VxVM 3.5.7 of the disks are from a EMC Clariion (FC card)the others are from a Sym...

vxdmp and powerpath problem

Let me give you my setup first:Solaris 9EMC PowerPath 4.3VxVM 4.0I cannot get rid of a Disk_3 from below: vxdmpadm getsubpaths ctlr=c5NAME STATE PATH-TYPE DMPNODENAME ENCLR-TYPE ENCLR-NAME ATTRS======================================...

Storage Foundation 4.1 and Performance Counters

After installing VSF 4.1 on Windows 2000 Advanced Server, I receive the errors below in the system log. I am unable to find any information on these errors. Should I be concerned with them?Source: vmperfEventID: 11Unable to open Volume Manager's ...

Quota on Large number of User

Dear Forum Members,I'm very new on quotamanagement and have to deal with a large number of users that vary on regular basis.The problem is as follows:I have 1 disk with homespaces and on that disk are homspaces for users, instructors and students. Th...

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Portable Data Containers (PDC) and Oracle

Hello.I've been reading about PDC and Oracle Transportable Tablespaces, I know that I'd have VxVM4 to use it ... and I have some doubts:1) Is there anybody using or used this feature ?2) If the Oracle DB is a collection of VxVM volumes only ( without...

Storage Exec Reports Question

I am a relatively new SE 5.3 user. I want to run an all files report on a directory and have it filter by the user. I can set it up to filter if I know the users but many people have access to this share and I don't want to add them all manually. I c...

Break&resync volume manager

Hi I am using veritas volume manager 3.0.4 with solaris i want to apply a O.S need to know how to break the root disk mirror and then how to sync back aftr applying patch.pls adviceguna

ODM/Quick IO/Direct IO

Hi,Our application is not very Write intensive, but reasonably high read intensive operation. We have been seeing log_file_sync times close of 25 ms (quite high) as we do lot of short commits.We use Vxfs and EMC storage. Database is 9i. ODM is insta...


We want to use sealloc on a remote computer other than the server that has the actually StorageExec 5.3 installed on it. We need to have sealloc because of the way we are creating accounts. But when you run sealloc off the remote computer it sa...