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SFHA Solutions 6.0.1: VMware infrastructure discovery using Veritas Operations Manager

Level 3

Using Veritas Operations Manager Management Server, you can configure VMware vCenter Server, and manage ESX servers and configured virtual machines. Veritas Operations Manager uses Control Host to discover the VMware infrastructure. The Control Host Add-on, which is installed on the Control Host contains the VMware Infrastructure SDK (VI SDK). This VI SDK provides a standard interface for the VMware Servers and Control Hosts to access the VMware infrastructure.

For more information on the Control Host and the VMware discovery mechanism, see:

Some of the key requirements of VMware discovery are the presence of the VRTSsfmh package on the managed host, connectivity of the Control Host with the VMware vCenter Server, and appropriate user privileges (Browse Datastore).

For more information on the requirements for discovering VMware vCenter Server and ESX, see:

You can obtain information related to disk multi-pathing for ESX servers in your datacenter. The disk paths are managed under Veritas Dynamic Multi-Pathing (VxDMP) on the ESX servers.

For more information about disk multi-pathing for ESX servers, see:

Using the Management Server console, you can configure, edit, and refresh virtualization discoveries in your datacenter. For more information on editing and configuration of VMware vCenter Server, see:

Performance metering lets you gather the statistics about the storage and clustering objects in the datacenter. A few examples of these storage and clustering objects are host, virtualization server, and enclosures.

For more information about performance metering statistics, metered resources, and enabling metering for VMware vCenter Server or ESX servers, see:

For more information on configuring VMware infrastructure using Veritas Operations Manager, see the Veritas Operations Manager Management Sever Administrator’s Guide.

Veritas Operations Manager documentation for other releases can be found on the SORT website