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SmartIO blueprint and deployment guide for Solaris platform

Level 2

SmartIO for Solaris was introduced in Storage Foundation HA 6.2. SmartIO enables data efficiency on your SSDs through I/O caching. Using SmartIO to improve efficiency, you can optimize the cost per Input/Output Operations Per Second (IOPS). SmartIO supports both read and write-back caching for the VxFS file systems that are mounted on VxVM volumes, in multiple caching modes and configurations. SmartIO also supports block-level read caching for applications running on VxVM volumes.

The SmartIO Blueprint for Solaris give an overview of the benefits of using SmartIO technology, the underlying technology, and the essential configuration steps to configure it.

In the SmartIO Deployment Guide for Solaris, multiple deployment scenarios of SmartIO and how to manage them are covered in detail.

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