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BESR 2010 Install Incorrectly Identifying Windows Version (32 or 64 bit)

Level 4


I was attempting an install of BESR 2010 SP2 from CD to a Windows 7 Enterprise 64 bit system today.  This is roughy the 40th such install from this CD to a 64 Bit Enterprise System I have done.  (No I'm not using the Altiris Management Software)  For reasons beyond my imagination, today, at the outset of the install I received a popup that reads as follows;

"The version of this file is not compatible with the version of Windows you're running.  Check your computer's system information to see whether you need x86 (32-bit) or x64 (64 bit) version of the program and then contact the software publisher."

I always start the installations using the browser.exe file on the CD.  The Windows installation, performed today, was from an image off my WDS server, just as all the previous cases.  I tried an install from a backup BESR installation CD - same result.  I did not see anyting generated in the Windows log files.

What on earth is BESR looking at that makes it think, apparently, that the Windows installation is 32 bit? 

Anyone else run into this?


Thank You -