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BESR 2010 & Offsite Copies

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Having spent 2 fruitless hours hanging in the telephone queue to Tech Support, thought I'd ask my question on here.....

Running BESR 2010 SBS Edition , backing up to USB drive + an offsite copy to another USB drive. According to the manual it's supposed to auto-manage offsite storage, and delete older copies when it's running low on space. But it isn't doing that - it's following the retention rules for the primary backup location, but in the offsite it's just filling up after a month or so, and then the offsite copies fail until we manually delete some old ones.

Am I missing something simple?


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Maybe this can point you in the right direction.  Create a script and put it in a place where you are comfortable with it being accessed from BESR.  Mine is C:\DelExtBESR.bat     Script example is below.

You can edit your job or create a new one.  When you are on the Options page, click the "Command button" 3/4 down the page.  Click the Command files folder "Browse button" Select the drive or folder etc.  where the bat file you created resides.  Click on the drop down arrow  "Run before snapshot creation" and select the bat file.  Beside that I set the timeout seconds to 2 minutes to allow the deletion of the old v2i files to take place. (This will depend on how large the v2i files are)  Click OK, Set the schedule to run job...
My example is a folder on the E drive and the bat file name DelExtBESR.bat :

Script 1 is to delete everything in the folder:
rem This deletes everything inside of folder that you are backing up into "Backups"
rmdir e:\Backups /s /q


Script 2 is to delete everything on the external drive:

rem This deletes everything on E drive
rd e: /s /q

I hope this helps

The log file will show the backup creations and deletions but you will not see a record in the Backup History page.
I tested this on an Enterprise 2008R2 server last night.  I hosed the server and restored without a problem using the off-site copy.


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Have you tried this?  If so, how did it work for you?

I am setting up another client tomorrow utilizing the above set-up.