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BESR 8.x "Resize Drive after Recover" drive showing unallocated space still

Level 3
Good Day,

The only issue I seem to be running into is when I restore the clone to new hardware is some of the partition drive on the new server is showing as unallocated space after the recovery is done. All else is perfect actually (almost too easy imo lol) 

anyway...the old server has an "advertised 72GB" max about 10GB used so it shows up as 58 GB free and 68GB Total. The new drive on the server is "advertised 160 GB...148GB reality)

basically after the recover, the new server shows C:  58 GB free and 68GB total. I check disk management and the rest of the 148 GB drive shows as unallocated space on C:

Basically I recovered the system with the recovery disk and clones are located on external 1.5TB drive.

After I ran into several error problems I cleared up from reading other post.

- I made sure disk were wiped clean with the tools on the disk.
- I ran wizard, point to cloned image on external usb
- I notice that my disk 1 is split already: 68GB NTFS and the rest is unallocated space
- I delete them and I get my disk1 space back (all 148GB "unallocated")
- on the resize drive option.....if I check it and choose to allocated all the space when I'm done and hit ok....THEN I check back to see if it took the setting...they are split again as described earlier
- If I leave it unchecked and carry on ....then go back the space is set at 148GB with no split.

either way if I check it or not.....( i've tried both actually quite a few times now) I run the recover, unplug the external drive, reboot server, all is actually good except that space is unallocated again....this is with either method checked with all space allocated or unchecked and left alone. 

any suggestions or anyone run into this.....this is the only thing stopping me from moving on to my next server. 

The goal here is to have that entire C allocated with the cloned image from the old server because the new server has embedded raid and I'd like to fire that up and mirror C with D  2X160 gb when it's all said and done.


Level 6
Since you want to utilize the entire drive for one partition, I would recommend using the Restore Option Resize Drive to fill unallocated space, while in the recovery environment 

This can also be done in the recovery environment by editing the recovery point selection.  You will have to highlight the drive space selection that was automatically selected and hit the Delete Drive button.  You then select the free space on the drive and the resize drive option becomes unshaded.  Click the check box and the partition size should automatically show all the space available.  Proceed with the restore and afterward, all the drive space should be allocated to the C: Drive

Level 3
thanks marcogsp,

I will let you know how this turns out

Level 3

I went and did another recovery and followed your instructions, and it worked perfectly. I can now see the entire drive as allocated to the cloned image restored to it. Perfect. thanks alot.

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I backed a a server with BESR 2010 that is located on a 1TB partition. The actual amount of data is only 250GB. When I try to do a restore anywhere to a server that only has 500GB of disk space. I get the following error: ERROR EA3905E3: Bad file record signature. This seems to be caused by the fact that I am trying to restore to a smaller drive. Is there a way around this?