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Getting SSR 2011 to use only Recovery point set

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Hi People,

I have an issue with an SSR 2011 deployment on one of my servers. I initially configured it to use Recovery point set.

This was working fine until i saw an alert that one of the drives did no have a defined job. Though the drive was already added to the defined job. At that time I was backing up the drive to tape using BEWS 2010 R3.

I deleted the former defined backup job and tried to recreate it. Then i got the warning that the recovery point set already existed for a previous job. I can only use Independent recovery point which i do not want to on this server.

I tried to delete the jobs from the destination still the same issue. I tried redirecting the recovery points yet no change. Out of panic I removed all the recovery points, uninstalled and reinstalled the SSR 2011 on the server.

Recreating the job after the reinstallation still did not allow me use the Recovery Point set mode.

When i used the BESR 2010 at a site, i was able to uninstall and get the job back to Recovery point set. Why is it not working with the SSR 2011 on this server?

Help cos the size is overshooting my storage. I had to limit the number of recovery points to keep from the default of 3 to 2.


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It sounds as though the job was not deleted cleanly. I would suggest doing a complete uninstall using the following:

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Hi Riley,


Thank you for your response.

I will try this out and get back to you soon