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Grandfather, Father, Son backup strategy in VSR18

I reached out to technical support for their help setting up a Grandfather, Father, Son backup strategy within VSR18, unfortunately, after weeks of trying they determined that this was not possible. This thread is to request an enhancement to VSR18 to support this type of backup strategy.

  • Tier 1 (Son): Weekly system backup, retained for four weeks, rotating every month, local + offsite
  • Tier 2 (Father): Monthly system backup, retained for one year, rotating every quarter, offsite only
  • Tier 3: (Grandfather): Annual system backup, retained for two years, rotating every year, offsite only

Such a backup strategy allows me to restore full system or files going back weeks, months or, if necessary, years.

Because of the 'only one recovery point set allowed' limitation, the best tech support could come up with is to create the weekly backup as a recovery point set then create 14 independent recovery points to satisfy the monthly and annual requirement. Backing up 14 x 4TB plus the weekly backups (total storage requirement = 60TB!!) is just ridiculous.

Please enhance VSR to allow it to support a Grandfather, Father, Son backup strategy minimising storage requirements.

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