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How to delete list of files to restore?

Level 3
I’m playing around with BESR 2010, created a few backups and deleted the folder where the backups were stored so I could free up some space.  When I go into the list of files to restore, they are still there but when I click on one to restore, obviously it can’t since the backup file has been deleted.  So, I want to delete the list of files that are displayed when you select to restore files.  How to remove them from the list?  Thanks.

Level 6
Employee Accredited
BESR keeps track of the backup destination even if you delete that folder, in the event that the folder ever comes back on-line. It does this to keep track of all backup image file.

To delete that information, click TASKS > MANAGE BACKUP DESTINATION...

In here, you should see that folder you are no longer using. Highlight that and click DELETE. This should also delete the history associated with that recovery point.

Level 3
That does not work.  I still have a HUGE list of files that are no longer needed and are cluttering up my Restore list.  Since the actual backup fies no longer exist, this list must be kept somewhere - a text file, a .dat file, whatever.  I need to clear out this list. How to clear this list when the backup files no longer exist???

I'm sure many people are going to delete old backup files thru Windows Explorer without going thru BESR first.  So, there must be a way to remove this list. 

Level 2
You need to delete c:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Symantec\FileBackup\Catalog.dat
After first search SBESR recreate clean .dat file and problem will be sloved.