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Offsite Backups and the System .s2vi file

Level 5


I was doing some disaster recovery testing and noticed an issue with .sv2i System file on an offsite backup.  When I tried to do a restore with the System file on an offsite backup the recovery environment was struggling with locating the partition backups.  Here are the parameters I was testing:

  1. The target computer to be recovered has a brand new unpartitioned drive due to mechanical failure of the original hard drive.
  2. The backup files exist on a NAS unit and the offsite backup is on another NAS unit.
  3. The onsite NAS unit has failed so I need to recover from the offsite backup

When I try to use the .sv2i on the offsite backup, the recovery environment cannot find the backups of the partitions.  I used notepad to view the .sv2i file and noticed the path to the various partitions is hard coded and points directly to the ip and folder location of the original onsite backup.  Based on my parameter 3, the onsite NAS is no longer available.

My question: Is there a workaround to using the copied .sv2i file on the offsite backup?  As a test, I opened the .sv2i with notepad and used find/replace to change the original path to the path on the offsite NAS unit.  I then saved the file and tried using it again in a recovery test.  It appeared to now find the needed partition information, but I did not actually do a restore.

Any comments are appreciated.



Sorry haven't used this feature yet.


Please try to restore v2i or iv2i files for all volumes when selecting not "System" but "Files" on the SRD.