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SSR 2011 SBS hangs while restore volume at 77%


Im doing a restore test for a Microsoft SBS 2011 to a virtual machine every 6 month. Everthing works fine so far. The server on the virtual machine bootet and i could access the data. There is a system volume (150GB) and a data volume (1TB filled with about 500GB).

Now i got the problem that the restore of the data volume hangs at 77%. It just hangs. There is no error notification or anything else that would indicate a problem. I still can cancel the restore procedure, so the restore application is still working. but no further data is restored and the time display starts to increase.

I tried different restore point so far. The restore points got checked before restore and where ok. I also can browse them.

The restore of the system volume works fine without any problems.


System Info:

Server: Small Business Server 2011 Standard SP1

System Recovery 2011 Small Busines Server Edition (V

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You say the restore hangs -

You say the restore hangs - how long have you waited for to see if it does eventually continue beyond 77%?

Also, have you tried wiping the disk (using diskpart) that you are restoring to, before starting the restore?


I waited about 10 hours and

I waited about 10 hours and more several times. The restore continued during the night. The percent display never moves over 77%.

I tried to restore over a previous restored volume and on a freshly created volume without any partition information on it. Both with the same results.


Are you restoring the volume

Are you restoring the volume using the recovery disk? If yes, you could try the 2013 SP2 recovery disk to see if this helps (

Another option: what data is held on this volume? If just 'end user data' (not program files for applications like Exchange, SharePoint etc), you could do the restore via SSR in Windows to see if that goes any better.


Yes, i used the recovery

Yes, i used the recovery disk. I will try your suggestion to use the 2013 SP2.

It's not just "end user data", but also Exchange and Databases, so i would prefer the first option.

As it will take some hours to restore the data, i will report back next week.

Thanks for your help so far.


Hi, eventually i managed to


eventually i managed to give it another try. But got no certain result. The major point is, that i was able to restore the data volume.

I tried to restore it with the 2013 SP2 recovery disk, but it didn't work either. Then i used a new restore point and a real hardware and it worked. After that just to be sure, i tried a restore on the virtual machine again and it also worked without problems. So i don't know what was wrong with the previous tries. I didn't change the procedure for restore.

I will test the restore more often in the future and see it it hapens again.

Thanks for your help.