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SSR2011 - Virtual Conversion fails

Level 5

I haven't done one of these in a while but when I did it back in the BESR 8.5 days, it worked without a hitch. I have a machine that I would like to retire as a virtual computer so I attempted to run a One Time Virtual Conversion and I keep getting this error message:

-Cannot convert image file.
--Error EBAB03EE: Operating System API [RegistryOperations::GetRegistryHandle]  RegOpenKeyExW( TARGET_HIVE_SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\NetworkCards, ENUMERATE_MODE|WRITE_MODE ) failed.
---Error EBAB03F1: The system cannot find the file specified.


I've tried reimaging and changing time zones and other fixes out there but no matter what, I cannot convert this image. Any help is appreciated.


Level 6
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Have you tried this?

Something else you can do is rather than converting the image, use the Recovery Disk to restore the .V2i onto the virtual drive.

Level 5

I've completed this P2V conversion on lesser machines than I'm doing it on right now using past versions of BESR. Currently, I'm attempting it on a Windows 7 x64/Core i7 940/ 6GB Ram/1GB Video Card so I'd figure hardware is not my issue.

As for the second choice of: Create a VMware session and load into the Recovery Environment: This option does not work with the latest VMware edition because I get an error stating that my .sv2i file is unsupported so I figure VMware is not fully compatible with SSR 2011 yet. I've also tried the other solution regarding changing the time zone and that too doesn't work so I've kind of given up on this goal and figure my only option is to build a new VM and make it match the original machine with the hope that one day Symantec will fix this issue. Oh well..........

The only thing that bugs me is that I could do it back in the 8.5 days anytime without issue and now it's become impossible. I have 7 servers here at work that have SSR2011 installed and they all fail with the same error so all I can say is that this feature is now broken and non-functional. I've tested using both the native images and the desired image from each servers backups and no server will convert any image from any server successfully.

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I would suggest that you open a case with support so that this can be investigated further.