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Slow backup for only 765GB worth of data

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Ok so here is the setup. I have a Dell MD1000 in unified mode split into two virtual disks. It is connected to a Dell 1950 poweredge server via a SAS cable to a PERC 5/E controller. I am trying to backup data on one of the virtual disks to the other virtual disk. The amount of data is around 765 GB of data and somewhere in the range of 6 million files. Some are very small and some are very large in the range of 5GB or higher. After setting up the backup job to run at 7pm every night it gets stuck around 5%-6% and never completes. I have also tried other 3rd party backup software that has worked for me in the past in other setups but it also gets stuck and never completes. Both virtual disks in the Array are freshly initilized as well. Anyone have any ideas?