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Unexpected Full Backup -- Should be incremental backup

Level 4

Win 7-64 SSR 2013 up to date.

I have the incremental backup set to start a new set (? I may have use the wrong term) full backup YEARLY.   However, from time-to-time for some unknowned to me the backup will start an new set. This new unexpected full backup uses up my backup drives disk space and the backup fails.

See the attached file for a list of backups.

Can someone explane  why SSR starts a new set?


Level 6
Employee Accredited Certified

Its not recommended to have incremental backup sets for so long since if one set goes corrupt, the entire recovery chain becomes compromised.

That being said, try the following steps if you wish for for the creating of a new set yearly ~

1) Stop the SSR services from services.msc

2) Delete the .s2vi file, History & Schedule folders from \ProgramData\Symantec\Symantec System Recovery

3) Either use a new backup destination or create a new folder in the existing backup destination and move the existing backup sets to this new folder

4) Start the SSR services and define a new backup with the following options changed ~

* Uncheck "Limit the number of recovery point sets..." under Options screen

* Set "Start a new recovery point set (base)" to Yearly

5) Once the backup has been defined, click on Tasks and then Manage Destination. Click on Tasks and then Settings. Uncheck "Monitor disk space usage...."

Level 4

I did all the above 5 steps a number of months ago thus I have a yearly base.  The problem is that ever few weeks SSR does a full backup (starts a new set) when it should have contuned the old yearly incremental backup set.

Why is it doing this?

Employee Accredited

We would likely need to review the debug logs to figure out what is going on here. Can you please open a support case for this?