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VSR-MS Reports

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disclaimer - please dont take this as a gripe or bash post.. its a quick history to where im trying to get too... all good here..

in the old days when Altiris was the company... they had Recovery Solution and it worked great and had great reports.
Symantec purchased Altiris and EOL Recovery Solution (RS) for SSR. RS had so many nice features that SSR and VSR just do not have and we have requested numerous times for certain things but not gonna happen.

RS licenses were at 4000
SSR/VSR downsized to 1000
In use - 50

We used to have a need to exclude "data" and being in biopharma we tend to have machine that have a lot of data that gets swept off with other means and RS was there for say a HD crash. Get the OS backup and instrument back up to have a happy scientist.

our times have changed where we are now told that were going to go full bore with VSR-MS, full backups including data if it exists, etc so those features we lost are a moo point and we will have our 1000 licenses filled and if things go well, who knows maybe go back up on licenses, etc...


so onto my questions... hope you enjoyed the back story... Man Tongue

RS had reports (i dont recall them but my team does as i was a short time user of RS)
File compression by %
Machine Backup time

anyone know if these are available in VSR-MS18? once i get to do the SP3 beta I will definitely be looking into that... or if there is a way now to come up with these?

I dont thing VSR will do file compression by % as RS did because RS backed up files into "Blob" files. so it had to look at a file, compress, backup into blob and note it in SQL. VSR is just doing a partition copy??? im not too sure how it is working so hope im right on that part..


looking forward to any replies


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Attached is a snapshot of the reports that are available in VSR-MS.

VSR does sector-level backups (by default, it will only backup the used sectors on disk).


im in the beta, got my link and already installed!!!! Lookin so forward to this. waiting for my assigned account person as already ive got recommendations - aka issues we have always had...