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Vostro 3350 fails on clone winpe and pcdos

Level 2

we have a bunch of dell vostro 3350 that I can create an image or rstore an image as long as I boot from a universal driver cd, the problem is I cannot ghost the laptops thru ghost console it looks like it going to but fails on clone (it does the usually polling, wakes the laptop up, prepare the config, creat account and then fails.

I have tried using the rltec drivers and the universal drivers with winpe and pcdos and get the same results, there must be something different on my server since another school in teh district can ghost and create images on this model thru console using pc dos without any issues.

I have copied their pcdos folder and renamed mine and then put theirs in and nothing has changed.

any suggestions would be great, their must be a file thats not right somewhere


didn't see a ghost solution suite to put this in, so I'm sure an admin will relocate



Do you use BESR/SSR or ghost ?

Level 2

we use ghost console version 2.5 I believe... it looks mlike it going to go thru but fails just after polling