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Windows 10 Compatibility

With the imminent release of Windows 10, I was just wondering whether SSR 2013 R2 is fully compatible or will an update be required?

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Accepted Solution!

As of now SSR 2013 R2 does

As of now SSR 2013 R2 does not support Windows 10.

Refer to the compatibility chart

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Accepted Solution!

As of now SSR 2013 R2 does

As of now SSR 2013 R2 does not support Windows 10.

Refer to the compatibility chart

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Correct, not currently

Correct, not currently supported.

This is planned for a release later this year. Exact timeframe not available at this stage.

I'm surprised you don't have

I'm surprised you don't have a release date, you knew Window 10 was coming! We've been testing Win 10 and will be migrating our desktops in Aug, 2015. Please get a timeframe asap so we can figure out what to do about our backup and recovery.

Any plan to realease a

Any plan to realease a Windows 10 compatible SSR 2013? Windows 10 was already released to partners and will to the public on July 29

Yes. However, I'm unable to

Yes. However, I'm unable to share exact timeframe regarding the release at this time.

Notice a new SP3 is out for

Notice a new SP3 is out for SSR 2013 R2 2 days ago!

Still not windows 10 supported!!!

Not happy with that, seems symantec puts this app on low priority list i believe as pretty much al their other apps runs on win 10.

where can i inform me, what

where can i inform me, what is new in the sp3?


you can also download the trial



Just updated to Windows 10

Just updated to Windows 10 and paid 124.00 for the new version of SSR thinking, foolishly, that it was compatible. After they took my money and I installed it found it will not take my 124.00 license. Go to website and see that it is NOT compatible with 10. Symantec has known for months about 10 and probably had copies of it to write COMPATIBLE software for it - but the best guess is sometime this year???

Symantec used to be the cream of the crop but no more. I have used since Peter Norton started Norton and followed it through and saw it fall to well below standards.

It is unconscionable that Symantec had months to prepare for this MAJOR update to Windows and apparently sat on their collective behinds and did nothing to be ready for it.

What a waste of 124.00 bucks. Guess I will go to Paragon.

^^ This ! It is absolutely

^^ This !

It is absolutely not acceptible that a renowned organisation like Symantec simply could not get SSR ready for Windows 10.

As a dev myself, I have been working with Win10 for quite a long time and managed to get my own software updated. A matter of priority indeed and it's very clear that SSR is NOT Symantec's priority.

SSR -will- work as a trial version for 60 days after upgrading to Win10, though.

If Symantec can't come up with a solution, within these 60 days, it's "exit SSR" afaic.

There are many alternatives for SSR on the market.

So I would suggest - IF you can - postpone the upgrade to Win10, "or else".

On a positive note : Customer Care has been so kind to inform me about the "drop" of the SSR license :

  1. The licenses & keys are perpetual for SSR 2013 i.e the product will continue to work.
  2. However for any technical support, maintenance licenses are to be renewed.
  3. The licenses & keys of SSR 2013 which are currently being used by you are correct.
  4. As of now SSR 2013 R2 does not support Windows 10.
  5. Please refer to the technical article ""
  6. Symantec is working on the compatibility for Windows 10 PRO,once it has been confirmed we will be sending you the email confirmation.



Was almost ready to upgade

Was almost ready to upgade our Office PC's to Win10. Then thought I'd better check compatibility for the Apps we use.

Good job I saw this info.!

Have used Symantec products for many years now and have recommended them to all our clients. Most of them now also use Symantec.

WIll warn them not to go up to Win10...if they have not done so already...!

Checking compatablity of other apps shows that all other suppliers have used the info that has been distributed by Microsoft to good use and updated....

Will give it a a couple of weeks then start looking for alternatives...!

Don’t I feel stupid should

Don’t I feel stupid should have read these forum before installing windows 10. Guess I am out $200. When I installed win 10 SSR 2013 stopped working so I thought I would just remove and install fresh copy. Well that’s when I got the license issues. Tried to find the download on the Symantec website and download a fresh copy but it would just take me to the invoice screen could not find the download. So being the weekend and desperate I bought another copy because I feel and know from experience how important backups are. Then when I go to download page I see my other download of SSR 2013 ??  Download the one I just bought and now it won’t even install shit this really sucks. Guess if Symantec does not want to give any time frames on a product that will work with win ten I really leaves with no choice but to go elsewhere for my backup needs. Now not only am I out 200 but I have to spend more to get another product. Wow Symantec that is really not cool I thought you guys where way more professional than this you guys really dropped the ball here

Same experience and feelings

Same experience and feelings here. Just turned my system into Windows 10. No compatibility issues were reported by MS Windows tools. I remember from upgrade from W7 to W8 several warnings about compatibilty were issued on same system, but not this time After upgrade to W10 everything works great, except SSR 2013. Now I need SSR 2013 to restoreit to W8.1 state or work around with a cold backup which probably(!) will work. What a waste of time.
Just executed live-update just to be sure the situation has not been changed, but it it has not.
Symantec should come with a quick fix, otherwise it is hard to recommend Symantec to anyone. Despite their good products they seem not to be reliable in continuation.

Above link represents discussion with valuable workaround. This in contrast to the computer-says-no "solution"  provided by Symantec in the first reply in this discussion.