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Continued employee development and education is an important part of Veritas culture and is demonstrated in company resources like Veritas University – our internship program targeting students and recent graduates. Our University Program is dedicated to engaging today’s brightest minds, inviting collaboration with Veritas’ industry leaders among a range of Veritas Solutions teams to bring smart ideas to life.

In addition to inviting fresh faces to the floors of the company’s global offices each quarter as interns, we also hire many program graduates for full-time roles on our teams. One of these impressive people is Senior Software Engineer, Yuwei Wang.

I invite you to read highlights from my interview with Yuwei and reach out to her here in the VOX Developers’ Community, @Yuwei-Veritas.

Please share some details on your background with Veritas.

I started with Veritas through the Veritas University internship program in 2015, while I was completing my Masters in Computer Science at the University of Minnesota. To my delight, Veritas is the sort of environment where hard work is recognized – I was promoted from Software Engineer to Senior Software Engineer following a year on the NetBackup team.

My current technical interests have a wide range, including big data, cloud computing, and machine learning – and I’m always intrigued by opportunities to improve the customer experience of a product through thoughtful product development.

What inspired you to seek a career in computer science?

I started working with computers at a young age with really basic usage, but realized even then the power of computers. I understood technology can help humans do cool things, and my parents supported this interest through and through.

I’m definitely the most technical person in my family, though my parents are inspiring professionals, with my mother maintaining a business and my father, a lawyer. I’m fortunate to have had such strong role models.

The future at Veritas is bright – how would you like to be a part of Veritas’ future?

I continually ask, “What can we actually accomplish?” Veritas solutions are technically savvy, but where can we improve? Humanizing the user experience of Veritas products is what drives me, and an important part of this work is awareness of the room we have for improvement – we can always improve, and I am excited my work supports this goal.