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VOX: The Next Step in Veritas Customer Engagement


The launch of Veritas as company completely focused on information management could not have come at a more exciting time. The importance of information to every organization continues to grow, while the amount and diversity of information continues to grow with it. To keep us all on our toes, this is taking place against a rapidly changing backdrop of technology shifts. Public and private clouds, openstack, Docker, DevOps, NOSQL, machine learning, memory class storage, the list goes on. Innovation is rapidly occurring in every area. The implications are high, with organizations who are best able to capitalize on these disruptions being well positioned to leapfrogging their competitors.

As CTO of Veritas I'm happy to say that Veritas is uniquely positioned to deliver the information management solutions that enable our customers to get the most out of their information assets no matter where the information resides.

In realizing the future of information management, the CTO team in Veritas will continue to play an important part of defining the technical vision, driving the architecture which enables the vision, answering big questions required to realize the vision, and acting as the catalyst for innovation and technology that accelerates all Veritas toward the vision. Core to our belief in how this is best done is engagement with customers from beginning to end. VOX will be central to this engagement.

In the future, you'll have the opportunity to engage with teams that are working at the cutting edge. You will have a voice in shaping what the future looks like and gain perspective on important technology that needs to be on your radar. Stay connected here to learn more about some exciting projects that are in the works and to engage with Veritas teams in how these efforts are taking us down the path toward the future of information management.

1 Comment

Hi Steve,

Whilst there appears to have been a marked improvement in the quality of support delivery, since Veritas took over, I'm afraid that, as soon as any issues go beyond support and need to be escalated to the product teams, whether through support or through VOX, there appears to have been no change from the bad old days of Symantec and their intransigent approach to product feedback, ideas and bug/design flaws.

There are live threads about this and product requests, most of which have come over from Connect and we are still seeing little or no response from Veritas product owners.

Ultimately, it was Symantec's inability to efectively engage with its customers that lead to the version of Backup Exec that nobody likes to mention, that almost destroyed the product. If we do not see a more convincing improvement in this engagement, then words will remain simply words.