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Clearwell v 6.6 and Upgrading Lotus Notes

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Hello, we currently have a Clearwell box v 6.6 which I know is no longer supported due to EOL. We can't upgrade it because of the large TB cases we have and the client's dont want to risk any corruption. The box is running Lotus Notes v 7 but our IT dept wants to know if we can upgrade to Lotes Notes 9. I've tried reaching out to Veritas support but they won't help since the the product is End of Life. I've searche the forums and documentation and haven't been able to find anything. Will upgrading Lotus Notes 7 to 9 make Clearwell not work anymore? Our IT dept saying Lotus notes 7 has several security vulnerabilities and needs to be addressed. 

Thanks in advance for any help!


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Hello tiennguyen,

Are you working with Lotus Notes/NSF files in your cases?

If not - could potentially disable the services (EsaNsfRetrieverService &  EsaNsfCrawlerService) and remove it (or upgrade it, if you want it on the box still).

If you are using NSF files in your cases, upgrading Lotus Notes could cause problems with crawling and retrieving NSF documents.