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Migration Incomplete

Level 3

I see this message when viewing the All Processing Backups or Archives page...what does it mean?


Migration Incomplete - Case backups and archives have been migrated to a new location. However, either the backup repository has not completed migration or content that was added after that needs to be migrated. Please restart and try the migration again, or contact support. Note: This job starts when the appliance is started and runs in the background. Each backup and archive will be available for use after they have finished migrating. Backups and archives that are stored on appliances that are offline will not be shown.


Level 6
Employee Accredited

Things to be aware of when restoring a case from one Clearwell server to another:

•Select a server that has the least amount of data/cases.
•Perform a full node backup before restoring the transferred case.
•Ensure that the case-backup/archive directory structure stays intact for the case you are restoring. Robocopy is recommended.
•Users from the other server that has touched the case will be loaded on your server. We are not able to delete users until after v6.0. You will need to disable these users.
•Note that Custom User Roles will not be transferred over.
•If usernames that are the same on your server as in the case, the password could change.

Level 6
Employee Accredited


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