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Hi everyone - been a while since I visited VOX!I have an odd situation - more odd as I am sure it isn't actually a backup related issue as such but hoping the wealth of experince on here may have an idea- what could be the cause.One day, while some b...
Hi AllIs anyone out there experienced with NetBackup backing up Nutanix AHV environments, particularly using Flex Appliances?I have some work to look at but could do with a chat with someone that has experience of this in particular if they are using...
Veritas no longer create a SCOM pack for NetBackup due to "Lack of demand".How many of you out there actually use SCOM and would want one if it were produced again?ThanksMark
Hi AllI am looking for users experience with monitoring NetBackup using SCOM, particularly SCOM 2013.I have several NetBackup installations comprising of Windows 2012 and 2008 Master Servers, Windows 2008 R2 Media Severs with MSDP, RHEL Media Servers...
We all know that you shouldn't back up a client to a Media Server of a lower version of NetBackup but sometimes it is easy to make an oversight. An example cropped up recently for me at a straight forward staged upgrade. The plan was a Master Ser...

Now a Storage and Backup Engineer at SCC in Birmingham specialising in NetBackup. I had been with a Veritas / Symantec Partner since 1999 and have worked with Veritas / Symantec products since that date. Initially working with the Desktop Management Suite (Wininstall, Winland and Funk Proxy) and then moving on predominantly to work with NetBackup and Enterprise Vault. Acheived Master Status in NetBackup and NetBackup Appliances and ACS (Authorized Symantec Consultant) for Data Protection (NetBackup). I recently successfully completed the "Expert Validation" for my last company to get the Expert Partner for Enterprise Backup and Recovery Competency status. In terms of my job it previously went all the way through from Pre-Sales to performing site audits / analysis, design of Backup and Archiving Systems, Implementation and Documentation and also training in our own Training Suite. I have worked with some great customers with a wide range of type and size and have recently been involved in implementing the Symantec N50xx and N52xx Series Appliances as well as being fully trained on the N533xx series of appliance. We performed managed services for customers and looked after and reported on NetBackup systems on a daily basis in London, Hong Kong, New York, Singapore, Dubai, Johannesburg and Australia - isn't remote desktop fantastic! I am now with SCC specialising in NetBackup and future planning / implementation for them. My primary hobby is radio control models including aircraft and quad copters (drones as everyone calls them). You can find me on YouTube as modellermark2 and I also own "Ratby Aeroplanes" although that is just a hobby these days.


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