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Product : NetBackup (NetBackup Appliance ;We've backuped vmware from vCenter and started restored VMware.but the Error occured.As you see, the vSphere view has been errored with empty box.So I cross-checked with netbackup GUI ...
Please solve this Problem..This part of log is obk_stdout.111722 from oracle client.    Starting backup at 17-NOV-22 channel ch00: starting incremental level 0 datafile backup set channel ch00: specifying datafile(s) in backup set input datafile file...
I used netbackup API in swagger for test, and GET, PUT, DELETE is working, but the PATCH is not working.The Policy Name is "OEL7-1_ORACLE"The cURL is curl -X 'PATCH' \ 'xx:1556/netbackup/config/policies/OEL7-1_ORACLE' \ -H 'accept: */*' \ -H 'X...
After reimaging flex appliance 5150 to 2.1, Can't login hostadmin.I entered password default. (P@xxxxxx)The shall said 'login incorrect.'I tried to login before password that i changed, and that happend again.Funny Things that i tried login root with...
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