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Resolved! CA - Random Caputre Question

I was wondering if there was a way to change the way CA caputres emails.   Here is our problem. Ex. I send an email to a distrubition list which has 20+ employees in our department and a couple outside clients are on the email as well.  This email is...

Voine by Level 4
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Resolved! CA Random Sampling (Last Sample) Not Progressing

Hello all,   This issue started happening a week or so back and we've tried a number of the resolutions available through Symantec's knowledge base that generally work after a restart of the database, Windows updates gets turned back on and restarts ...

Next012 by Level 3
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Resolved! CA & DA legal exclusions

Good afternoon!  The topic has come up at my company before but no action was required previously.  Of course, the story has changed and now I need to fix things. We have a legal department that would like all their emails excluded from searches, unl...

Resolved! ADSynchroniser.exe causing failed logins on CA server

Sometime back I changed the VSA Password and since that time, out security team has been opening events for failed logons for the VSA. It specifically points to the ADSynchroniser.exe on the CA Server. Does anyone have some guidance on what I might h...

Resolved! EV Compliance Accelerator questions

Hi All,    Hoping someone here can shed some insight on a couple items our compliance department want cleared up. a.      Delete the large test pool of open items on our enterprise vault? b.      Can we flag or whitelist addresses?  c.      Can less ...

NM_Tech by Not applicable
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Resolved! EV-CA 10.0.3 searches for group returns zero hits

I searched the forums for a while and can't find a simlar issue but feel free to send just a link if there is a topic that addresses this already...   We are running EV & CA 10.0.3 on Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard.  We have a scheduled daily search...

Resolved! Compliance Acclerator Searches goes in hung state.

Hi Guys, I have come across a small issue. My compliance team is trying to perofrm a search on each dept having 5 searches in each dept and 1000 hotwords in it. CA server version 9.0.2 CA Client Version 9.0.2 No of Dept           8 No of search...

Cdee by Level 6
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Resolved! Moving CA & DA to diffrent server.

Hi People, We are planning to perform a Business continuity Plan testing in few months and i have been assigned a task to perform a full failover of my Prod enviroment to my Disaster recovery enviroment. My prod enviroment is as mentioned below. Prod...

Cdee by Level 6
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Resolved! Search Results in Blue

I've run a search in CA using the research folder option. When the results came back, I got six hits. Of the six, two are displayed with a blue font. I thought maybe this is because the items may have been reviewed earlier since the search parameters...

Resolved! CA Escalations Alert

Is there any way to trigger an alert (email) to a defined reviewer when an item is escalated in CA? I couldnt find anything in the admin guide about any such option....

Resolved! CA client search Attachment critaia

In the old version, the attachements Number we use -1 to set the schedule scheule no matter have attachment or not However we just discover the result are different if we use the attachement numbers "Does not matter" Any Idea? Is it due to we upgrade...

Resolved! Disable Sync AD user in CA and DA

Is it possible to disable AD sync a while, and then resync and how?   We are going to do some stress test and it will create many dummy user, but we dont want to have those dummy user in the CA and DA Can we archive that? Thanks

Resolved! Synchronizing new users to CA

I am trying to add a new Reviewer, but before I add him, I need to be able to see him as a CA Users (I assume)   When adsyncronizer runs I get the following in my event log: When it say "existing users" does that mean AD or CA existing users. I don't...

Resolved! ADSynchroniser.exe 500 failed logins

I'm getting fussed at from my Security Group. The ADsynchronizer is putting over 500 events in the Security Event log: Any ideas on resolving this? Failed Login event for prod\evadmin on (Domain Controller) %NICWIN-4-Security_4625_Microsoft-Windows-S...

Resolved! Compliance Accelerator can't find Bloomberg IMs.

Hello, My Compliance Accelerator can't find Bloomberg IMs. I tried to change ALL kind of settings in Searches but no luck (sampling and capping 100%). In "Search" I see exchange emails, MS Lync IMs, bloomberg EMAILs (****, but no BLM I...

Resolved! duplicate item in search

We have some Bloomberg chat import into EV. However some chat CA will classify duplicate item in the search but actually is not, In DA search, we can search 2 item, is any setting in the CA client to do that?

csyckad by Level 3
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Resolved! CA 10 Customer Database Sizing

Hi, Is there any sizing guide for CA 10 Customer Database? What should be the initial Data and Log file size and grown considerations over time? Also what sort of permissions CA (VSA) needs in Customer Database please? Many Thanks

ia01 by Level 6
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