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Migration Netbackup Appliance 5230 to New Netbackup Appliance 5250

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Good Afternoon!

We want to know how to migrate a 5230 appliance (Master / media) to a new 5250 appliance?

Currently the 5230 has NBA 3.1, PureDisk (66TB), Advanceddisk (3.42TB), Tape Library for Duplications. The 5250 we are configuring (Master / media), it has NBA, same hostname. It is required to migrate the catalog, the disk images, the library. The 5230 will be turned off, it will not be used. What would be the steps for migration? Are Veritas services required? Thank you.

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Your options are limited, you either
1) you need to get Veritas Services (Catman) which will migrate the entire catalog, and can also migrate the MDSP data.
2) you could also look at a third party solution from a Vertias Technology Partner.   The "Stone Ram Transition Manager" (Tranzman) can automate the configuration of all components, and can export and import all image records.   Tranzman would require  both old and new masters have different names (you were saying the new appliance would have the same name), it requires this as both Masters MUST be online at the same time.   This results in a near ZERO downtime while only the policies are "switched" between the old and new.  Tranzman can also manage the testing and verification of client connectivity, updating of host properties, and pusing of certificates, this allows you to prove all the connectivity is working BEFORE you switch over.   Tranzman handles the migration of the MSDP data in a different way, using duplication (optimised where OST/MSDP is in use), which means the old master would be "temporaraly" connected to the new master while the images are duplicated.  This approach can also allow for diskpools to be split or merged.  Tranzman is a software solution, deployed as a "virtual appliance" using an OVA template.