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Veritas Flex Appliance with Netbackup 8.3

Level 5

we have configured an media server's instance on flex appliance 5340, with Netbackup 8.3.
Outside there is a master server also 8.3. In order to add clients, and populating file hosts on media server, we read to manual configuration that we must off the media server instance.

So, we think: Is it possible that every times we need to add a client ip on file hosts, we must put offline the media server?

Is it exist another way for this?
We saw that the media server file hosts loose client's entry after reboot instance.

Thanks in advance,


Level 4

We too are going to upgrade the flex media server instance to version 8.3 . But I am unable to find the 8.3 version upgrade package for flex instances.Our flex model is 5340 and version is 2.0.  I have upgrade package for flex instances. Our master server version is 8.3. Could you please provide me link for 8.3 flex instance upgrade package.