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Need urgent help with Appliance network reconfig

Level 2

Hello All,

We need to reconfigure IPMI/prod IP of our already configured 5340 appliance. the device was powered off earlier due to migration within DC and now they have asked to configure new IPs .

how can we change the IPMI IP now so that we cna recreate the bond0 for prod use with new IP


Level 4

What's the version of the appliance OS? This is the guide to appliance OS 3.0,  from the Main_Menu > Support view, enter the following command to configure the remote management port: 

 IPMI Network Configure <IPAddress> <Netmask> <GatewayIPAddress>    

At any point in time, you can run the following command to see the IPMI network details:

IPMI Network Show

Level 2

Thanks Will for the reply. Its 3.2 . problem is when we powered on the, we cant connect it with laptop to reach the MENU. it has become inaccessible even its powered on and all network cables attached.