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NetBackup Appliance 5250 versus NetBackup Flex Appliance 5250

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Hi All,

I would appreciate if someone can help me in order to propose the righ appliance to the customer: when we would had to propose a NetBackup appliance 5250 and when NetBackup Flex appliance 5250. 

Thank you very much for your help.

Best regards,




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The Flex line of products utilize a contanerized approach to deployment of one or more NetBackup applications (domains). Also, WORM storage is a capability that brings immutable ransomware protection for customers data. 

Appreciated as it was really a good question and if that would have been explained in more detail. It really has been confusing the difference between the 2. 

Also if someone has opted for Netbackup 5250 flex Appliance let's say 75 TB then what Flex software license means need to buy for additional flex software 5250. Need to understand what is FLEX SOFTWARE 5250 and how its different than Flex Scale OS ?

Please help. 

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It looks the same only with the minor feature. 

Flex 5250:: Appliances is container-based architecture and it's immutable storage capabilities (Any data inside immutable storage cannot be altered and deleted)
These features provides additional security layer against ransomware/malware. 

Appliance 5250: Only built-in intrusion and detection system (The appliance intrusion detection system (IDS) consists of a custom Symantec
Data Center Security (SDCS) policy that runs automatically at startup.) and WAN optimizer. 

Starting with software version 3.1, SMBv1 protocol has been disabled and
replaced with SMBv2 protocol. SMBv1 protocol is vulnerable to ransomware
attacks such as WannaCry and Petya, and is no longer considered as secure.
SMBv2 is now the minimum supported protocol for NetBackup appliances.