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2 nic resources in a global cluster

Level 4

hi all.

I'm using an application in a global cluster environment, configured by a supplier.

this application is using 2 NICs: one for the LAN of the management of the servers and one for the LAN of the management of the network and all the network elements.

The supplier only configured a resource associated to the NIC of the network and the network elements so, in case of a fault of this NIC the application can switch, while in case of a fault of the NIC of the management the application freezes.

This behaviour is obviously unacceptable, but the answer of the supplier was: the application doesn't support this feature (2 NIC resources together).

Is this possible ?

I know that you cannot know how the application works, but I think that the configuration of the NIC resources is totally indipendent of the application itself, in whatever way it works.

Is this correct ?

thanks in advance and BR




Level 6

Hi Tiziano,

VCS can handle multiple NICs in the configuration if that is what you need.  I think the issue is that the Application HA wizard for setting up the group will only put in a single NIC resource.  So any additional NIC resources would need to be added in manually and then linked manually to your other resources as needed.  This is all done with pretty standard VCS commands and details about the NIC resource can be found in man pages or the bunbled agents guide on the website.

In addition, if you need more direct assistance in adding the additional NIC resource, please open a case with Veritas Technical Support.

Thank you,