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Resolved! Few questions

We are Symantec Partners. I have few questions: 1.) What is the difference between NFR and Internal License under free software in Partnernet 2.) I want to order Netbackup NFR License but I am not able to find NFR for Netbackup in Not For Resale opti...

Zahid_Haseeb by Moderator
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SSE and SSE+ Partnernet Portal Training

About two weeks ago I started the SSE training for backup exec 2012 and I can't find it any longer in my portal? Does it expire after some period of time?  Anyone else finding the portal incredibly difficult to navigate and work with? The training vi...

networkn by Level 4
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What's is training credit?

I was taking the assessment and I noticed after complete this assessment you will get 2 training credits. Anyone knows whats that? And how to check? Where to use? Thank you.

patriot3w by Level 5
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Resolved! Upgrade BE10d rev 5629 to BE2010 R3

Existing i have a backup cluster are running DLO backup for BE 10 rev 5629. I'm plan to upgrade to Backup Exec 2010 R3. Anything i need to be aware and step to follow for upgrade successful?

Forum Discussion word verification

When I use IE why does word verification shows like the attached file when i'm creating a forum discussion and needs to verify the word. I'm using IE 9? Was there any bug or something.


    在策略服务器中已勾选"允许非Windows系统通过验证",在Solaris10主机中已启用SAMBA服务,从其他服务器telnet 该服务器445,139端口也正常,该服务器访问网页时会自动被网关强制重定向,无法通过验证,与800联系后也未能解决,有谁知道如何解决此类问题么?     谢谢!

yangjian by Level 1
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DMC console page is not working

Hi, Dell DMC console page is not working. When i open it says the below errors. Actually it was working before some days with logon service in one user. After he resigned we have removed his login from our AD after that it is not working. I have trie...

sdbabu by Level 2
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DLP11 导入策略问题

安装了DLP11之后,不能导入策略模板。出现提示错误 ---------- Testing System Integrity ------------ Database is not empty: KeywordCondition -------------------- Fail ---------------------- 2011-9-22 12:22:31 com.vontu.model.notification.rmi.ModelListenerProxyImpl notif ...

__8 by Not applicable
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Can't access Partnernet Account

I can't log in to my Partnernet Account. It's been a while since I've last accessed this and I'm not sure if it is still active or not. I've sent a few emails via the link provided at the login page and received no reply. Last I remember was I tried ...

how can i change password ?

no chinese ? i can't find chinese page. i forgot my password ,and i recieved my email .so get it now . but i don't know how to change it . who can tell me how to change my password ? click where ? thanks   我丢失了密码,然后通过邮件找回了这个帐号,但却不知如何更改密码。谁能告诉我点击什么地方可...

gxl by Not applicable
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Resolved! Symantec forum error / bug

Hello all experts here, I notice that this forum got a bug since my point system isn't updated and got minus 10 ? Does anyone else here have the same problem ? Who and how to report this problem ?

How to fix the Ethernet port speed to 1000 in SWG 8450

Dear sir, We Want to fix the Ethernet port speed to 1000 in SWG 8450. But when we changed the Auto-Negotiation to off,the speed drop-down option only has the 10 and 100. How do we fix the Ethernet port speed to 1000 in SWG 8450?   Thanks a lot.

allenchung by Level 3
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