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Announcing Veritas Resiliency Platform 3.0 with direct integration into Microsoft Azure

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 On behalf of the entire Resiliency Platform team, I am excited to announce our  release of Veritas Resiliency Platform 3.0. In this release, we have focused on one-time migration, and disaster recovery to Microsoft Azure.  This is in addition to our support for Amazon Web Services public cloud.

 If you are looking at transitioning workloads to Azure for primary production, or to even leverage Azure as a disaster recovery target, Resiliency Platform helps accelerate your cloud journey while ensuring that you are free from cloud vendor lock-in.

With Resiliency Platform you get disaster recovery and ongoing workload portability, and support of Microsoft Azure gives you with cost-effective resiliency and simple migration to and from Azure for VMware and Hyper-V virtual machines (VMs) in single, bulk or multi-tier configurations. Our unique approach aligns to principles of cloud economics, which ensures that you don’t have to pay for Azure Compute instances until the time of failover, migration or rehearsal, which reduces your operating costs and simplifies your administrative operations.

Resiliency Platform also gives you the ability to migrate workloads permanently to Azure, in addition to Amazon Web Services. Resiliency Platform gets your workloads into Azure by providing automated and safeguarded migration. You will benefit from single-click migration for simple and complex workloads, automated pre-migration testing to improve migration success and the ability to migrate back if there are challenges during or post your migration exercise.

So what are you waiting for? Register for our free 60-day trial here!